Cover: Jörg Steinmetz »Portraits« (2003)


Jörg Steinmetz (2003)
(Willy De Ville, Dennis Hopper, Alanis Morissette, Xavier Naidoo, Helge Schneider, Albert Mangeldorff, Jasmin Tabatabai, Thomas D, Smudo u.a.)
··· out of print ···

»It's the fleeting casualness that defines the musicality of these photographs - it seems likely that Steinmetz was inspired by the art of Jazz improvisation.«
– Christian Schröder · Der Tagesspiegel
   Juli 2003

»In their intensity, the pictures talk in their own language. We seem to get a bit closer to the people in the photographs each time we linger on the portrayed faces. An almost intimate work, this one.«
– Fritz-Magazine, Frankfurt,
   Oktober 2003

Cover: Jörg Steinmetz »Be Here New · Portraits II« (2008)

»Be Here Now · Portraits II«

Jörg Steinmetz (2008)
(Juliette Lewis, Cassandra Wilson, Noel Gallagher, Beth Gibbons, Soffy O, Michael Stipe, Albert Uderzo, Sven Väth, Janet Jackson u.a.)
··· out of print ···

»Portrays of actors and musicians from the past few years. The young scene, captured by one of the most talented German portrait photographers.«
– Markus Schaden ·

Cover: Ross Clifford / Jörg Steinmetz »52 moments · an offbeat dialog between words and visuals« (2010)

»52 moments · an offbeat dialog between words and visuals«

Ross Clifford / Jörg Steinmetz (2011)

»52 moments« is a cooperation between London-based poet Ross Clifford and Frankfurt photographer Jörg Steinmetz. Following a gripping correspondence in which English poetry alternates with vastly different photographs, we are whisked away to a highly entertaining world of free association. Inspired by the call and response technique Jazz musicians like to use, the book documents the creative process of a somewhat unusual 'conversation'.